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“Studying for the Master Registered Financial Consultant credential helped reinforce my technical acumen and develop a new understanding of how to market and build a book of business…” Dr. Craig Lemoine, MRFC®

“While I believe that having this credential elevates me above my peers because it differentiates me from other consultants, I also feel that having a third-party explain the value of the credential and the high level of competency is also a huge professional benefit…” Owen S. Arnoff, MRFC®

“I am better prepared to guide my clients and provide them the support they need to make the right financial decisions. With the skills I learned completing my MRFC, I can now better design a financial plan and that will benefit all whom I serve. The MRFC credential also makes me more credible when working with my clients and prospects. Lastly, the MRFC credential is helping me to communicate the need for financial planning and investments with the Hispanic community and in the end that honors my parents and their sacrifices for me…” Gilbert Mercado, MRFC®

“The underlying secret is the MRFC credential educates – both the client and consultant. The client learns and is reassured that the MRFC professional meets high, above industry requirements especially in regards to ethical conduct and continuing education. The MRFC professional has a “Blueprint check” on their current knowledge and on what they need to further expand. Our standards for CE are high – thus supporting life-long financial learning. It’s certain that you can’t rest on your credential in this business – you have to stay current, continually…” Coach Pete D’Arruda, MRFC®

“Professionally, being associated with the IARFC while simultaneously holding my MRFC was not a choice taken lightly, and had many considerations taken into account. I can confidently say that choosing to be an MRFC over any other credential was driven by the ethical standards that they continuously maintain. Knowing that not everyone that passes a test can receive this credential, you are part of the few in our industry who brand platinum assurance for integrity…” Kassondra Dykema, MRFC®

“A professional credential like the Master Registered Financial Consultant (MRFC®) serves two purposes for me. First, it provides a framework and accountability for the 40 units per year of continuing education required to keep the MRFC credential current. Second, it provides a reference for the public looking for a financial consultant about the proven education and expertise of the holder of the MRFC credential. Researching the background, education, expertise, and recognition of accomplishments should be a part of any potential client’s due diligence before trusting a financial consultant with their financial hopes and dreams…” Robert Burnette, MRFC®

“Personally, the MRFC credential has given me more confidence and empowered me as a professional woman. I am proud to be a strong, successful, and independent female in the financial service industry helping my clients achieve greatness, one day at a time. Cold calling days might be in my rearview mirror, but I know I owe much of my success to those initials behind my name…” Angela Tejeda, MRFC®

“I can testify to you, after passing the state insurance exams for life, health, accident, and property & casualty insurance, as well as the Series 6, 63, 26, and 65 exams, as well as the state mortgage loan originator exam… the MRFC was the most challenging exams I ever took.  With all my years of academia under my belt, I felt that the MRFC exam was the most rigorous test I have ever taken in personal finance.  But don’t let that scare you; many things about our field come through experience – not textbooks.  I felt that the level of rigor demonstrated in the MRFC exam represented the wisdom of years’ worth of field practice.  I immediately knew that a “wet behind the ears” young practitioner could never pass such an exam, and whoever held the MRFC credential was truly a Master practitioner…” Sean K. Clark, MRFC®

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