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The IARFC continues to take the lead in promoting ethical behavior of its members. To address the public concern of ethics up front, the IARFC has developed an Ethics Exam that will be a requirement for its member consultants to obtain/maintain their "Ethics Approved" status.

It is centered on the IARFC Code of Ethics involves reading and understanding the different parts of the Code which is the basis of ethical behavior supported by the IARFC Association.

Code of Ethics consists of three parts:

  • The Canons
  • The Principles
  • The Rules

The Principles embody the ethical and professional standards expected of IARFC designees and credential holders. These Principles address the “substance” and not merely the “form” of service to the clients and the employers. The Principles are the guidelines of the IARFC professional conduct.

The Rules serve as a description of best-practices or IARFC Standards and outline how the Principles must be implemented in specific circumstances.

Ethic Exams Facts

  • Ethics Exam is required of each designation/credential holder with Association membership upon application and biennial renewals who want to obtain/maintain their "Ethics Approved Status" (effective January 2021 invoicing).
  • Cost: N/C
  • 25 questions 
  • Open book exam, based on IARFC Code of Ethics
  • Passing Score: 72%. (Passing score is required to achieve/maintain the Ethics Approved Status.) Results are available immediately with option to print a CE Certificate (Two IARFC CE units awarded). Members who fail the initial exam will have two additional opportunities to pass.

New Members

Any designee or credential holder with Association membership, upon becoming a member, will be required to take the exam upon application.


Those who are renewing will need to take the exam every other year.


  1. Download the Code of Ethics from the IARFC Website.
  2. Log into your membership profile on the website. If you are in your scheduled timeframe for the exam you will see the Ethics Status & Exam icon. If you are not due yet it will not appear until 90 days before your renewal.
  3. Click on Justice Scale icon - Ethics Status & Exam
  4. Click “Take the Ethics Exam Today”.