Founded in 1984, the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC®) is a non-profit association of proven financial consultants formed to strengthen public confidence in the financial services profession.


To acknowledge world-class financial consultants and enable them to make a transformational difference in the financial lives of the families and communities they serve.

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IARFC Members are qualified and trained consultants who meet a high level of competency. Each designation or credential addresses a specific level of a consultant's background and experiences.


Registered Financial Associate - RFA®
Registered Financial Consultant - RFC®
Master Registered Financial Consultant - MRFC®

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Consumers need the guidance of a financial professional to achieve financial security and independence. Finding a highly qualified consultant is essential when seeking sound financial advice.

A financial consultant guides the client through the financial process: goal identification, data organization, needs analysis, problem identification, recommendations, and plan implementation.

Financial consultants help their clients to save, spend, invest, insure, and plan wisely for the future.

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