Member Benefits

Founded in 1984, IARFC provides the professional consultant with the tools to grow a practice with creative sales and marketing ideas, technical and professional information, and networking opportunities. These robust benefits include professional development opportunities, discounts on supplies, and constant exposure to new sales and prospecting ideas.  

Today’s financial professional needs visibility and recognition. The Find A Consultant search routine provides a database of information for consumers to connect to a financial professional. Through the Association’s social media platforms and publications, members find multiple opportunities to present themselves as a financial partner to the public and to their own peer network.


Designees and Credential Holders must meet the high standards set forth by the IARFC and the MRFC Certification Program.


The IARFC Ethics Approved Program verifies that the recipient meets the high principles and standards of the IARFC Code of Ethics.


IARFC Members have a wide range of services at Group rates. Open enrollment for new members Insurance provides Life, AD&D, LTD.


Practice management tools create visibility for IARFC members. These branding products provide the consultant with a professional "feel" as they present themselves to their clients and prospects.


Learn the value of the IARFC through conferences, Social Media, national publication - the Register and Journal of Personal Finance, and IARFC Recognition Awards.


The IARFC Online Store makes it easy for IARFC Members access to products and resources.


A designation or credential from the IARFC is a testament to education, experience, and integrity. In a world of constant economic, political, and social change, consumers engage the guidance of financial consultants to achieve financial security and independence. Having an IARFC designation or credential sets a member above their peers as a qualified and trained professional that has met a high level of competency.

RFA® Registered Financial Associate 
RFC® Registered Financial Consultant 
MRFC® Master Registered Financial Consultant

Association Membership is a full membership without a designation for those serving the industry while not practicing or servicing clients.


Ethics Approved Status means adherence to the IARFC Code of Ethics with a clear record for the past five years. Members are biennially verified through FINRA, State licensing records, and internet searches.



The IARFC helps consultants find and maintain their “Brand”. Classic stylized products provide the professional touches that define a consultant as they present themselves to clients and prospects.
Ethics Approved Status, insignia items
  • Brochures
  • Certificates
  • Code of Ethics Plaques
  • IARFC Logo
  • Insignia Jewelry and more
Today’s clients and prospects operate better with a visual story of how the financial planning process evolves. Through organizational tools, the IARFC supports both groups as they initiate and monitor the planning process.
  • White Papers
  • PowerPoints
  • Checklists
  • Plan Building Supplies


Today’s financial professional needs visibility and recognition. The website provides a database of information for consumers to connect to a financial professional. Through the Association’s Social Media platforms and publications, members find multiple opportunities to present themselves as a financial partner to the public and to their own peer network.


Partnering with others strengthens the IARFC community of consultants. The Association continually seeks and forms alliances with other organizations and businesses to provide members with discounts for services and products necessary to their practice. Members can log into their IARFC membership profile for a complete listing.
  • IARFC Group Insurance Benefit (highly affordable Group Rates, Open Enrollment for new members)
  • Riskalyze (discount 10%)
  • DACFP (discount of 5%)
  • Success CE ("Package Pricing" of $29.95)
  • FMG Suite (discount of at least $20.00 per month)
  • Selling without Wrestling
  • Totum ($100.00 off the Pro Plus annual subscription)
  • Smarsh Archiving (discount of 10%)
  • MoneyGuide ($300.00 off the Pro and Elite version)
  • MyRepChat (discount of $15.00 per month)
  • Copytalk (discount of $20.00 per month)
  • BuyingPower AT&T, Office Depot (discounts up to 50%)
  • Social Security Timing (discount of 20%)
  • Tax Clarity (discount of 20%)
  • EP Navigator (discount of 25%)
  • Kwanti (discount of 10%)
  • Redtail Technology, Inc. (discount of 10%)
  • VSA (discount over 16%)
  • RightCapital (discount of 10%)
  • Advisor Controls (discount of $20.00 per month)
  • SmartRisk (discount of 20%)
  • Income Insight (discount of 20%)
  • Your Membership staffing and job posting needs


IARFC Group Benefits for Members Only. Highly affordable, coverage for members and their staff. New Member Value: Guaranteed Issue / No Medical or Financial Underwriting…for the first 30 days of membership. The open enrollment period offers Top-tier carrier and LTD contracts designed for Consultants. IARFC Staff Members are available for Life coverage at affordable premiums.
  • Group Life
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Group Long Term Disability
  • Members Rates



The Association provides venues for continuing education and professional development programs. Whether a small program or a multiple-day conference, topics pertinent to everyone in the financial services industry are presented. These conferences are an excellent way to network with peers. 


The IARFC regularly publishes the Register magazine, the academic Journal of Personal Finance, and white papers that allow insight into industry trends. Whether it is practice-oriented substance or academic research-oriented information, these publications present concepts necessary for today’s successful financial professional.

Journal of Personal Finance — techniques, strategies, and research for consumers, educators, and financial consultants.

the Register — practitioner-oriented financial advice on technical subjects, economic events, regulatory actions and practice management.


Recognition for achievement benefits everyone. The IARFC seeks out those leaders whose dedication and commitment have made the Association great. Members are publicly appreciated for their long-time membership and their importance to the financial community.
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