Recognition for achievement benefits everyone. The IARFC seeks out those leaders whose dedication and commitment have made their Association great. Members are publicly appreciated for their long-time membership and their importance to the financial community. These awards are presented on an annual basis.


Generally regarded as the “Father of Financial Planning”, Loren Dunton organized financial professionals in the late sixties and with their help created the financial planning movement. Dunton developed associations, magazines, colleges, university programs, and foundations. He used his experiences to frankly explain what all financial advisors now recognize - that the ethical sales of financial products and the delivery of competent advice is a noble calling. Loren Dunton was a man of vision who cared deeply about both financial consultants and consumers. The Loren Dunton Lifetime Achievement Award was first conferred in 2000 at the IARFC Financial Advisors Forum. The selection committee has strived to honor consultants who have demonstrated effectiveness in carrying the message of responsible financial stewardship to the public and have high ethical and professional standards.

Loren Dunton Lifetime Achievement Award Criteria

Those who are considered for the Award must currently meet or have met the following criteria:

  • Hold a professional designation or credential (i.e. RFC®, MRFC®, ChFC®, CFP®, CLU®, CPA/PFS, CEBS, MSFM, MSFS, or Doctoral degree, etc.)
  • Published articles, journals, books, etc. on financial topics
  • Provided outstanding service or leadership in the financial services industry
  • Promoted or participated in financial education, either to the public or to members of the profession
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in carrying the message of responsible financial stewardship to the public
  • Adhered to the IARFC’s Code of Ethics and have a sound record of business integrity with no suspension or revocation of any professional license

Loren Dunton Award Committee

The Dunton Award Committee is comprised of past recipients.
Chair: Barry L. Dayley, CFP®, MRFC®  (2020 recipient)

Selection Task Force:
Monroe Diefendorf, Jr., RFC® (2021 recipient)
Barry L. Dayley, CFP®, MRFC® (2020 recipient)
Ric Edelman, RFC® (2017 recipient)

Staff Liaison: Charlotte Isbell


2024 Loren Dunton Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient - 
Michael Kitces, MSFS, MTAX, CFP®, CLU, ChFC, RHU, REBC, CASL

Michael Kitces is the Chief Financial Planning Nerd at Kitces.com, dedicated to advancing knowledge in financial planning and helping to make financial advisors better and more successful, and the Head of Planning Strategy at Buckingham Wealth Partners, an independent RIA with more than $50 billion of assets under management, that provides private wealth management to consumers and turnkey asset management platform services to advisors.

In addition, he is a co-founder of the XY Planning Network, AdvicePay, New Planner Recruiting, fpPathfinder, and FA BeanCounters, the former Practitioner Editor of the Journal of Financial Planning, the host of the Financial Advisor Success podcast, and the publisher of the popular financial planning continuing education blog Nerd’s Eye View.

Beyond his website and many businesses, Michael is an active writer and speaker across the industry and has been featured in publications including Financial Planning, the Journal of Financial Planning, Journal of Retirement Planning, Practical Tax Strategies, and Leimberg Information Services, as well as The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, CNBC PowerLunch, NBC Nightly News, and more. In addition, Michael has co-authored numerous books, including “The Annuity Advisor” with John Olsen (now in 5th edition), and “Tools & Techniques of Retirement Income Planning” with Steve Leimberg and others.

Michael is one of the 2010 recipients of the Financial Planning Association’s “Heart of Financial Planning” awards for his dedication to advancing the financial planning profession. In addition, he has variously been recognized as financial planning’s “Deep Thinker,” a “Legacy Builder,” an “Influencer,” a “Mover & Shaker,” part of the “Power 20,” and a “Rising Star in Wealth Management” by industry publications. These awards were presented to honor Michael’s active work in the financial planning community, including numerous other boards and committees for the Financial Planning Association, the Investments and Wealth Institute, and the Society of Financial Services Professionals, at both the local and National levels. Michael is also a co-founder of NexGen, a community of the next generation of financial planners that aims to ensure the transference of wisdom, tradition, and integrity, from the pioneers of financial planning to the next generation of the profession.


Past Recipients

2023    Alan C. Kifer, MRFC® 

2021    Monroe Diefendorf, Jr., RFC®
2020    Barry L. Dayley, MRFC®    
2019    Rosilyn Overton, Ph.D., MRFC®
2018    A. William Gustafson, Ph.D.
2017    Ric Edelman, RFC®
2016    Jerry W. Mason, Ph.D.
2015    Jon Rogers, Ph.D., MRFC®
2014    Lester Anderson
2014    Kai Yuan Tu, RFC®
2012    Grace De Vera Escobar, RFC®
2010    H. Stephen Bailey, Ph.D., MRFC® 
2010    Richard Wu
2009    Jack Gargan 
2009    Teresa So, Ph.D., RFC®
2008    Siak Leong Choo
2008    Mehdi Fakarzadeh
2007    Ralph Liew
2007    John P. Walsh
2006    Bill E. Carter
2006    Samuel Yung, RFC®
2005    Jeffrey Chiew, RFC®
2005    Edwin P. Morrow, II
2004    Vernon D. Gwynne
2004    Liang Tien Lung, RFC®
2003    Alexandra Armstrong
2002    John B. Keeble
2001    Donald Ray Haas
2000    Ben Baldwin 


Download The Dunton Award Nomination Form and Criteria


This award is made in honor of the founder of the IARFC, John J. Gargan. It is presented to persons who have delivered significant service to the operation and growth of the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants.

  • Past or present Board Director, Officer, or Committee Member
  • Professional designation or credential holder awarded by the IARFC
  • Clean regulatory record
  • Member of good standing for a minimum of 5 years
  • Adhere to the IARFC Code of Ethics
  • Most importantly, they must have contributed to the growth of the IARFC membership by referring members and by holding or attending events that additionally help expand (above and beyond) the visibility of the Association.

2024 Recipient – Nicholas A. Royer, MRFC® 

Nick has been a Registered Financial Consultant (RFC®) and Master Registered Financial Consultant (MRFC®) for over 23 years. During that time, he has helped coach pre-retirees and retirees to live confident retirement lifestyles. Whereas most financial advisors focus on selling a particular product like a stock or a mutual fund, Nick’s focus is holistic, putting the client’s interests first and looking at a persons entire financial picture whether it’s investments, retirement income, taxes, healthcare or estate planning. Discovering the problems and finding solutions to fix those problems. Nick is a national keynote speaker and author of numerous financial articles. He was named a 2014, 2015 and 2016 Orlando Magazine 5-Star Wealth Manager.

As a Founder’s Award Recipient, Nick is the past Vice Chair of the IARFC Board of Trustees, has written for the Register, recorded many IARFC promotional videos, emceed Association events, and continually answers requests from the IARFC Headquarters. He is on call as one of the main contributors when advice is needed.


Past Recipients

2023    Barry L. Dayley, MRFC®
2022    Robert Laraia, RFC®
2021    Jon M. Rogers, Ph.D., MRFC®
2020    Burnett Marus, RFC® Retired
2019    H. Stephen Bailey, Ph.D., MRFC®
2018    James B. Moss, RFC®
2017    Rosilyn H. Overton, Ph.D., MRFC®
2007    Roy M. Henry
2006    John E. Gable
1984    Jack Gargan

Download The Founder's Award Nomination Form


The Ambassador Award is bestowed to those persons who endeavor to represent their Chapter in carrying out the mission of the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants. Each IARFC Chapter may award up to 3 Awards annually.

Ambassador Award Criteria
Those who are considered for the Award must currently meet or have met the following criteria:
  • IARFC Member with more than 3 years of membership
  • Adherence to the IARFC’s Code of Ethics, and have a sound record of business integrity with no suspension or revocation of any professional license
  • Successfully supported the goals of the Association and has served with extraordinary efforts of time, service, and dedication

Ambassador Award Committee
Chair: Jon M. Rogers, Ph.D., MRFC®

2024 Recipients

USA - Paul Wharf, RFC®
Philippines - Alwen Jimemez, RFC®
Philippines - Klinyd Tribajo, RFC®
Philippines - Marvin James, RFC®


2023 Recipients

Philippines - Glenda Miro Antonio, RFC®
Philippines - Nicasio C. Cabaneiro, RFC®
Philippines - Stella Solero Bernabe, RFC®
USA - Lisa Ford, MRFC®
USA - Gregory Kurinec, MRFC®

2022 Recipients

Philippines - Vilma Alcaraz, RFC®
Philippines - Andre Obierez, RFC®
Philippines - Olga Olis, RFC®

USA - Lemuel Kornegay, RFC®
USA - Brad Maples, MRFC®
USA - Gilbert Mercado, MRFC®


2021 Recipients

USA - Peter J. DArruda, MRFC®
USA - Michael J. Markey, MRFC®

USA - Rick B. Stanzione, RFC®
Philippines - Maria Arlene M. Baguyo, RFC®
Philippines - Joseph Adrian Daez, RFC®
Philippines - Grace de Vera Escobar, RFC®



2021 Recipients

USA - Peter J. DArruda, MRFC®
USA - Michael J. Markey, MRFC®

USA - Rick B. Stanzione, RFC®
Philippines - Maria Arlene M. Baguyo, RFC®
Philippines - Joseph Adrian Daez, RFC®
Philippines - Grace de Vera Escobar, RFC®

2020 Recipients

USA - Nicholas Royer, MRFC®

USA - Craig Lemoine, MRFC®

USA - Frederick Ostermeyer, MRFC®


2019 Recipients

USA – Barry L. Dayley, MRFC®
Philippines – Gamalielh Ariel Benavides, RFC®

2018 Recipients

USA – Michelle Blair, RFC®

USA – Isabel Cooper, RFC®

USA – Ric Edelman, RFC®

China – Ben Liang, RFC®

China – JJ Liang, RFC®

China – Liang Tien Lung, RFC®

Hong Kong /Macau – Teresa So, RFC®

Hong Kong /Macau – Allan Wan, RFC®

Hong Kong /Macau – Samuel W.K. Yung, RFC®

Malaysia – Jeffrey Chiew, RFC®

Philippines – Ralph Liew, RFC®

Philippines – Ismael DL Melendres, Jr, RFC®

Taiwan – Kai Tu, RFC®


Ambassador Award - Selected by each individual Chapter


Member Award for Dedication to Association Advancement

Presented annually in appreciation to top IARFC members who have brought the most newly qualified professional consultants that join the ranks of the Association. 

2023 Recipients

First Place
David H. Kinder, RFC®

Second Place
Jeremy B. Nason, RFC®

Third Place
David R. Guttery, RFC®

2022 Recipients

1st Place - Lisa Ford, MRFC®
2nd Place - Jeremy B. Nason, RFC®
2nd Place - Michael Zaino, RFC®

2021 Recipients

1st Place - Kurt Schroeder, RFC®
2nd Place - Ronnie Kaymore, RFC®
2nd Place - Robert Laraia, RFC®
2nd Place - Russel Luce, RFC®

2020 Recipients

1st Place - H. Stephen Bailey, Ph.D., MRFC®
1st Place - Lori P. Crilley, RFC®
1st Place - Jeremy B. Nason, RFC®


2019 Recipients

1st Place - Matthew Apodaca, RFC®

2nd Place - Craig A. Bane, RFC®
2nd Place - Kevin Richards, RFC®
3rd Place - Lori P. Crilley, RFC®
3rd Place - Derek K. Moore, RFC®
3rd Place - Roy Strong, RFC®
3rd Place - Dominque Vercaemert, RFC®


2018 Recipients

1st Place - Jeremy B. Nason, RFC®

2nd Place - Michael J. Markey, MRFC®

3rd Place - Christopher J. Dixon, RFC®
3rd Place - Gavin Merwin, RFC®
3rd Place - Brandon Setlock, RFC®

2017 Recipients

1st Place - Barry L. Dayley, MRFC®

2nd Place - Patrick Masterson, Sr., RFC®

3rd Place - Christopher J. Dixon, RFC®
3rd Place - Christopher D. Dantin, RFC®


2016 Recipients

1st Place - Michael D. Piershale, RFC®

2nd Place - Christopher D. Dantin, RFC®

Download The Member Referral Form

 Editor’s Choice Award

The Editor’s Choice Award recognizes outstanding achievement in contributing to the success of the publications of the IARFC. Whether in creative writing, editing, proofing, research, or editor committee participation, the recipient’s passion, talents, vision, and inspiration in achieving excellence regarding the public persona of the Association is greatly appreciated.

2024 Recipient

Eduardito Adecer Escobar

2023 Recipient

Janelle Rettig

2022 Recipient

Mary Ann Redmond, MRFC®

2021 Recipients

Michelle Blair, RFC®

Byrce Sanders

Vicki Caplinger

Award Winners (Dunton, Founder’s, and First Place Member) will receive the following: 
One (1) free registration to the IARFC Annual Meeting/Conference
One (1) round trip coach airfare (maximum $500) to Annual the l Meeting/Conference during the event dates. (US Chapter Only)
One (1) night of lodging during the Annual Meeting/Conference
(subject to change)

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