Ethics Approved Status


90% of IARFC members are Ethics Approved - Checkout Ethics Approved  Members

Ethics Approved Status means adherence to the IARFC Code of Ethics with a clear record for the past five years. Members are biennially verified through FINRA, State licensing records, internet searches and are required to pass the Ethics Exam.

Set yourself apart from other consultants                                                                                                                 
  • Affix your Ethics Approved Seal to your framed RFA®, RFC®, or MRFC® certificate
  • Send an IARFC Ethics Approved media release to your contacts
  • Order business cards with the Ethics Approved seal
  • Place a digitized Seal on your website in a prominent position
  • Mention this program in client newsletters
  • Order additional Ethics Approved seals as a visual reminder
  • Display the IARFC Code of Ethics Certificate in the office
  • Put a link to the IARFC Code of Ethics on your website

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