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The International Association of Registered Financial Consultants offers the Master Registered Financial Consultant (MRFC®) credential through its nationally accredited certification program. The IARFC made the decision to go through a lengthy and comprehensive accreditation process because consultants were asking for it. This helped consultants not only enhance their level of stature in the financial services industry but for some, it was needed because of compliance.

The IARFC turned to the National Commission of Certifying Agencies (NCCA) to obtain their credential. Through them, the MRFC Certification Program received and continues to maintain third-party scrutiny – independent of Association influence. The NCCA validates the Association, the MRFC exam, and their process for the protection of the consumer. 

So as an MRFC, consultants can relay to prospects and clients that they have met the qualification in the areas of experience, education, licensing, ethical conduct, and continuing education. Their knowledge has been tested and confirmed by passing the MRFC exam and that they are committed to fiduciary responsibilities and service to clients. Continuing education requirements are the strictest in the industry – thus branding the MRFC as a lifelong learner.

The question that consumers have is, “Why should I trust you?” “What makes you different?” Becoming an accredited MRFC sends a strong message in this competitive market. The term “Master” gives implication to a more broad experience in all aspects of financial responsibilities owed to clients and are part of the few in the industry who brand platinum assurance for integrity. 

It is one thing to hold oneself out as meeting the minimum requirement to practice in the field of personal finance with a license. However, it is the whole next level to represent the profession as a “Board Certified Master Practitioner.” It is only one of 8 accredited credentials listed on FINRA


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Listen to former MRFC Board Chair Barry Dayley, MRFC® and Current Chair Dr. Craig Lemoine, MRFC® introduce this elite credential.


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The MRFC Credential is
accredited through the
National Commission for
Certifying Agencies (NCCA

(the accrediting body
of the Institute for
Credentialing Excellence)



Board Liaison
 Charlotte Isbell
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