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Welcome to the Book Nook where IARFC members and invited guest authors have linked their publications. Financial Literacy is important to all who are searching for advice when developing their financial future. With years of experience, our authors have written on many different topics that help the consumer in making life-changing financial decisions. Not only for the consumer, financial professionals, can browse the Business and Leadership Section and tap into the knowledge of their peers.


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Patrick A. Strubbe, RFC® 2024

Alan Kifer, MRFC® 2023

Alan Kifer, MRFC® 2020

Alan Kifer, MRFC® 2017

Michael Markey, MRFC® 2014

Financial Wellness and Education

Dr. Constance Craig-Mason, MRFC® 2023

Arwen Becker 2023

Tony Hixon RFC® 2021

Roey Diefendorf, MRFC® 2020

Roey Diefendorf, MRFC® 2019

Roey Diefendorf, MRFC® 2016

 Roey Diefendorf, MRFC® 2016

Roey Diefendorf, MRFC® 2016

Roey Diefendorf, MRFC® 2013

Stephen Bailey, MRFC® 2005

Roey Diefendorf, MRFC® 2005

Insurance Topics

Roey Diefendorf, MRFC® 2016

Roey Diefendorf, MRFC® 2015

Roey Diefendorf, MRFC® 2015

Roey Diefendorf, MRFC® 2015

Business and Leadership

Banking: Mortgages / Credit Cards

Corporate Finance

Social Security




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