Who We Are

Founded in 1984 International Association of Registered Financial Consultants IARFC is a non-profit professional association formed to foster public confidence in the financial services profession, to help financial consultants exchange planning techniques, and to recognize practitioners who are truly committed to ethical standards and continuous professional education.

We simply want the public to have the best financial advice available. In a world of constant economic, political and social change, consumers engage the guidance of financial consultant to achieve financial security and independence. A qualified, trained, educated, experienced and ethical consultant to guide individuals, families and small businesses is essential. Our mission is to support these professionals in helping their clients attain financial independence and minimize risk.  

We are a professional organization that requires all of its designated and certificant members to meet and document stringent requirements:  Experience, Education, Examination, Licensing, Conduct, Ethics, Application and Fees, Continuing Education, Re-Certification.

IARFC Mission Statement
The IARFC will foster and enhance the growth of our association for the benefit of our members and the clients they serve by providing a continuing source of information, education and networking.  The organization will strengthen the financial services profession through adherence to and promotion of ethical behavior by our members and a focus on continuing professional education for our members. 

Our designations and certifications represent a level of competency of our members at following a financial planning process from start to finish and an ability to run a practice efficiently.

The IARFC is governed by a Board of Trustees, who are charged with helping the organization grow in membership, adhere to the association's Governing Documents, and provide an overall source of leadership and direction. Only Master Registered Financial Consultant (MRFC), Registered Financial Consultant (RFC) and Registered Financial Associate (RFA) designees who are in good standing may serve on the Board of Trustees. All members of the Board of Trustees, in good standing, may become officers. A member of the Board of Trustees may also be an Officer at the same time.
The IARFC is an International Association, and it continues expansion across the globe. This is accomplished in two manners: 1) Individual Recognition of Qualified Professionals qualified financial professionals from any country may apply for the RFC designation. Approval is based on meeting the same standards as those in the U S. with adjustments considering different institutions, educational courses and licensing. 2) National Organizations in Many Countries as individual professionals become aware of the IARFC and our high standards of support and education, they establish a national association affiliate. 

The IARFC is supported by a Team of Associates, dedicated to assist the IARFC Board of Directors in fulfilling the goals of the Association. The Team is made of Operations, Membership Services, Editorial, Marketing and Information Technology professionals. Team Associates also serve as Committee Liaison's to special Committees or ongoing Association programs such as; Ethics Committee, Election Committee and Award Committee. The Team adheres to the IARFC By-Laws, Mission and Privacy Policies in order to provide the best service to the Association's Designations (MRFC, RFC®, RFA®) and General Membership.
The IARFC is the sole body designated to award and support the Association’s designations and membership.  The IARFC designations and memberships are widely recognized and bestow a recognized level of competence in the field. The Governing Documents, provide an overall source of leadership and direction for the Association.

Part of that competence relates to an understanding that the designee and/or member will abide by the Code of Ethics and Practice Standards, thereby protecting the public they are called to serve.  All designees and members must agree to uphold, abide by, and practice in accordance with this Code of Ethics in order to protect the value of the designation and provide assurance to all members of the public, most importantly those who are served by the designee or member.