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National Financial Plan Competition Results 2022

First Place 

Sarah Chamberlain and Andrew Mathis
Dr. Luke Dean, RFC® - Associate Professor, Utah Valley Unv.
Bradley K. Maples Sr., MRFC® - US Chapter Board President


Second Place 

Max Gledhill and Brooke Gibson
Dr. Luke Dean, RFC®, Associate Professor, Utah Valley Unv.

Bradley K. Maples Sr., MRFC® 
US Chapter Board President

Third Place

Sam Jensen and Jakob Wagner
Dr. Luke Dean, RFC® - Associate Professor, Utah Valley Unv.

Bradley K. Maples Sr., MRFC®
US Chapter Board President

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Watch for 2023 Plan Competition Dates Comming Soon!

The IARFC National Financial Plan Competition is updating the qualifications as to whom may enrolled in a financial services curriculum. From a fictional case narrative, the students are requested to craft a financial plan for judging. The Competition progresses through 3 stages, ending in 3 teams of students presenting their plan in person at the IARFC Annual Meeting. For more information email plancomp@iarfc.org.

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Watch for the 2023
Plan Competition Dates



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Barry Dayley, MRFC®
Roey Diefendorf, RFC®
Leonard R. Simpson, RFC®


Fred C. Ostermeyer, MRFC®
Mary Garlock, RFC®


Jon Rogers, MRFC®
Grover K. McCarthy, RFC®
Lisa D. Ford, MRFC® 


Victor Simon, RFC®