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Register Volume 21 Issue 3

The IARFC promotes its Summer issue of the Register, a national industry publication online at www.iarfc.org. This edition reflects the editorial content of “Next Generation of Financial Professionals” with articles written by and written about younger professionals.

Dr. Craig Lemoine, MRFC® of the University of Illinois is our the Member profile this month. He has direct contact with the prospective young professionals and their viewpoints..


Featured Theme Related Articles Inside the Register

  • Next Gen
  • Bridging the Gap
  • Brand Relevancy
  • Running My Practice During a Pandemic
  • This is the Ideal Time to Reach Out to Those Elusive Millennials
  • Being Comfortable with Remote Selling
  • #NewNormal
  • How to Talk to Someone Younger than You

Current Register Highlights:

  • Trustee’s Chair Desk – Where Did My Normal Go?
  • Registration Opening of the IARFC National Financial Plan Competition
  • Dunton Award Nominations are Open
  • US Board Election Process Revisted
  • MRFC Updates - New Board Positions
  •  What I Learned From My Mistakes - (US Chapter Board of Directors Column)
  • Consumer Focus – Disability Insurance


The Register, published since 1999 by the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC), is a practitioner-oriented, financial magazine. The Register includes profiles, articles, interviews, book reviews, practice management techniques, product information and marketing recommendations. Our mission is to update members on current matters, along with a listing of newest members and latest conferences with CE approved curriculum.

It includes articles and advice on technical subjects, economic events, regulatory actions and practice management. The facts and opinions in the IARFC’s Register articles represent their author’s views and are not endorsed by the publisher.

The IARFC makes no claim as to accuracy and does not guarantee or endorse any product or service that may be advertised or featured.

The Register goes to IARFC members who are, practitioners, academicians, and decision makers in financial services, plus selected others who are nonmember MRFC certification holders, and candidates for the RFA®, RFC®, and MRFC®.
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Advertise in the Register, published by the IARFC since 1999 and circulated around the world. Readers tell us it is the most valuable information they receive. Practitioners, academicians, and policy makers in financial services look to it to enhance their ability to grow and serve their client base. 

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Criteria: Article Participant must be an IARFC member in good standing or have made contributions to the financial services industry, i.e. writing articles, donations to industry events and/or continuing education program activities. 

Contact the Register Editorial Coordinator at editor@IARFC.org, (513) 424-1589. Please, be prepared to provide your professional resume or curriculum vitae.

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