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IARFC Annual Conference & Financial Plan Competition Recap

A major success point for Nashville was the networking or redefined as “Effective Association Synergy”. Consultants can meet new people, old friends, and get a feel for what others are doing in their practice. We talk a lot about the value of client face-to-face time, why wouldn’t it be the same for consultants during an annual conference. You can’t duplicate the buzz and excitement that permeates a conference by watching a recorded webinar.

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The Chaiman's Desk - Eyeball-to-Eyeball

Once again, I can report on the in-person IARFC Annual Board Meeting that was held recently right before our Conference in Nashville. Eleven of us came together along with the IARFC Team to discuss the status of the Association. I enjoy these events. Networking eyeball-to-eyeball adds value to the communications and discussions. Of course there are the reports to review, old business to finalize and then new business to think about. 


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