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Dedication to Growth and the Future

IARFC Leadership Weighs in on the IARFC in 2019…

While in recent years the future of the financial services industry has come under pressure, we feel the refreshed focus and direction of the IARFC will bring  its members a future that is much more prosperous and will allow the public to see them as the elite financial leaders of the next generation. 

IARFC Vice Chairman
Nicholas J. Royer, MRFC  Read more

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The Chaiman's Desk - Focus

Base of Operations As you read this, the IARFC Team is most likely packing and getting ready to move. We have put down permanent roots by purchasing a building close to the offices we have rented for the past three years. To me, it is important that our Team feels this commitment to stability. They have performed independently with me visiting 3 times a year from Charlotte, NC (my home base) and I want them to know they won’t be uprooted in the  future should another chairman take charge. It gives us direction and an established base of operations.

That brings me to the future. This year has to, I strongly repeat has to, be dedicated to increasing the visibility and membership numbers of the Association. We have been focused on reorganizing, but now is the time to concentrate on improving the numbers which brings me to the following. We Have Recognition Issues. To help solve this problem, we are working on a better understanding between the IARFC and the Broker Dealers, the RIAs and the Insurance Representatives. We have to bring them into the Association through our offered designations — the RFA®, RFC®, and MRFC. The Association wants a good working relationship with all three groups to improve their understanding of the IARFC.

I am going to address the elephant in the room and answer the criticism I have heard that “it is too easy to obtain our designation”. In reality, we are not giving financial professionals a “pass” to get letters behind their names, rather, rewarding them for their experience, education, licenses and  thical behavior that have framed their careers for many years, even decades. If you have all of the above, yes applying for the designation is a rather straightforward process. But this is not to be confused with the fact that you have worked diligently all along to meet the requirements.

We know you have put in the hard work. We recognize it. Now the NCCA accepts our recognition as we offer the MRFC credential. Time to get our message heard front and center. 

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