Designated Professionals

Assurance of the Highest Principles

An IARFC designee or credential holder indicates a qualified and trained professional who has

worked diligently to gain and maintain a high level of competency and ethical behavior. These financial

consultants represent high levels of professional standards in the financial services Industry.

Commitment to Excellence

IARFC designations/credentials are earned by individuals representing broker/dealers nationwide

and by agents of the nation’s largest and most well-known insurance and annuity companies. The

Association stands ready to request any firm to review, accept, and support the use of IARFC designations/

credential. This commitment to excellence – an RFA®, RFC® designation, or an MRFC® credential

is supported by the Association that continually demands an adherence to ethical practices

and continuing education.


Growth and Development

Members set themselves apart as qualified financial consultants by keeping up with the advancements

in financial services. Consultants look to the Association for support in facing the future

trends of the industry. Members continually prove their commitment to progress by renewing their

designations/credential and meeting the requirement of continuing education. The IARFC meets

their commitment to the consumer by continually checking members’ adherence to ethical practices.


RFA®  Designation

The Registered Financial Associate (RFA®)
Awarded to financial consultants who have less than three years of financial service industry experience or a Bachelor’s or graduate degree in financial planning from an institution offering a professional designation equivalent curriculum. 

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RFC® Designation

The Registered Financial Consultant (RFC®)
Awarded is to financial consultants who have a minimum of three years of experience as a full-time practitioner in the field of financial planning or financial services and who meet the high standards of education, experience, and ethics.

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MRFC® Credential

The Master Registered Financial Consultant (MRFC®)
An accredited credential awarded to financial consultants with a minimum of four years of experience as a full-time practitioner in the field of financial planning or financial service, who pass a comprehensive exam and who meet the high standards of education, experience, ethics.

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