Team Associates

The IARFC is supported by a Team of Associates, dedicated to assist the IARFC Board of Directors in fulfilling the goals of the Association. The Team is made of Operations, Membership Services, Editorial, Marketing and Information Technology professionals. Team Associates also serve as Committee Liaison's to special Committees or ongoing Association programs such as; Ethics Committee, Election Committee and Award Committee. The Team adheres to the IARFC By-Laws, Mission and Privacy Policies in order to provide the best service to the Association's Designations (RFA®, RFC®, MRFC®) and Association Membership.
Charlotte Isbell

(513) 424-3481

Charlotte Isbell, IARFC COO coordinates the team. You will also find Charlotte, working on the accounting, assisting the Ethics Committee and coordinating the MRFC program. As a long time team member Charlotte enjoys talking with members and non-members about products and services available building their knowledge of the Association.
Susan M. Cappa
Public Relations

(513) 424-1589

Susan M. Cappa, IARFC Public Relations is an editor and public relations coordinator for the IARFC. Her job is to get the word out about the IARFC mainly in the form of media releases, articles, interviews, PowerPoint presentations, video scripts and blogs. Additionally she works with the International chapters keeping them connected to the US Association.
Vicki M. Caplinger
Membership Services

 (513) 424-5831

Vicki M. Caplinger, IARFC Membership Services, provides support and assistance to members and prospects of the IARFC. She manages all billing and receiving of all membership renewals and applications. She performs many tasks such as shipping and handling store orders, mailing marketing material and performing CE audits. As coordinator for the National Financial Plan Competition she enjoys seeing the next generation of financial consultants network with the experienced members of the Association.
Judi Nelson
Membership Services 
(513) 261-6940

Judi L. Nelson, IARFC Membership Services provides support and assistance to members and prospects of the IARFC. Judi assists in managing the billing and receiving of all membership renewals as well as the application process. You will find her performing many tasks such as shipping and handling store orders, mailing marketing material and performing CE audits. Did you know the IARFC has an Ethics Approved Program?                                               
Randy Kriner
Information Technology

(513) 424-1657

Randy Kriner, IARFC Information Technology is the IARFC Information Technology, team member. Randy takes the IARFC Membership to the next level by making your connections with the IARFC sound. He coordinates the IARFC websites, server, store, emails, telephone and faxes. Having trouble connecting contact Randy.