Code of Ethics

Part of that competence relates to an understanding that the designee/credential holder and member will abide by the Code of Ethics, thereby protecting the public they are called to serve.

All designees/credential holders and members must agree to uphold, abide by, and practice in accordance with the IARFC Code of Ethics in order to protect the value of their designation/credential and provide assurance to all members of the public, most importantly those who are served by the designee/credential holder.

 Code of Ethics


I will put my clients’ interests above my own at 
all times within the scope of my abilities.

I will maintain proficiency in my work 
through continuing education.

When fee-based services are involved, I will charge a fair and
reasonable fee based on the amount of time and skill required.

I will abide by both the spirit and the letter of the laws and 
regulations applicable to financial planning services.

I will give my clients the same service I would 
provide to myself in the same circumstances.

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