Reference Material

The IARFC Education Committee provides a suggested reference list as a resource that may be useful to supplement the education and experience related to competent performance as a Master Registered Financial Consultant. Candidates are encouraged to review resources and information in content areas where skills or knowledge may be weak. Questions requiring analyses, evaluation, and interpretation may be based on facts found in references, but answering the questions may require application skills acquired during the candidate’s required years of experience.

The MRFC Certification Board does not recommend that candidates memorize all recommended references. The information tested on the examination pertains to the common body of knowledge which is delineated in the MRFC Blueprint Exam Content Outline.

The MRFC Certification Board does not endorse any particular text or author. This list is not intended to be inclusive but reflects references used to support the exam development process. Use of the references does not guarantee successful performance on the examination.

MRFC Study Guide
MRFC Exam Study Guide

ISBN:  978-0-9828096-2-4

2014 Field Guide to Financial Planning                                         Foundations of Retirement Planning                
ISBN:  978-1939829474                                                                    ISBN:  978-1-932819-88-5
www.Amazon.com                                                                            www.Amazon.com                                                                                            

IARFC Code of Ethics                                                                         Essentials of Annuities
www.IARFC.org/GoverningDocuments                                          ISBN:  1-9328-1961-4

Foundations of Estate Planning                                                     Investments (McGraw-Hill/Irwin Series in Finance, Insurance,
ISBN:  978-1-932819-96-0                                                                and Real Estate)
www.Amazon.com                                                                           ISBN:  978-0077861674

Essentials of Life Insurance Products                                          IRAs, 401(k)s & Other Retirement Plans: Taking Your Money Out        
ISBN:  1-9328-1959-2                                                                      ISBN:  978-1-4133-1393-2
www.Amazon.com                                                                          www.Amazon.com

Financial Fitness for Life                                                                The Process of Financial Planning – Developing a Financial Plan
ISBN:  978-0793133611                                                                  ISBN:  0-87218-692-X
www.Amazon.com                                                                          www.Amazon.com

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