Robert D. Lawson, MRFC®

MRFC Certification Board Chairman
(952) 857-2411

With over 40 years of financial experience in securities and insurance,  and in a professional capacity as a financial advisor, investment fiduciary,  and managing principal, Lawson serves as the President of Barrington Financial Consulting Group, Inc., a full-service securities and insurance Expert Witness consulting firm and the President and Chief Investment Officer of Barrington Capital Management, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisory Firm and Insurance Agency that he established in 1988.

Lawson proudly serves as a FINRA and NFA Arbitrator (FINRA Chair-Qualified) and a FINRA Mediator where he presides over industry and public disputes pertaining to breach of fiduciary duties, negligence, failure to supervise, misrepresentation, breach of contract, monetary damages, and employment issues.

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