Board of Directors

The IARFC is governed by a Board of Directors, who are charged with helping the organization grow in membership, adhere to the association's Governing Documents, and provide an overall source of leadership and direction. Only Master Registered Financial Consultant (MRFC), Registered Financial Consultant (RFC) and Registered Financial Associate (RFA) designees who are in good standing may serve on the Board of Directors. All members of the Board of Directors, in good standing, may become officers. A member of the Board of Directors may also be an Officer at the same time.

Executive Committee

IARFC Chairman
H. Stephen Bailey, MRFC

IARFC Vice Chairman
Nicholas A. Royer, RFC®

IARFC President
Peter J. D'Arruda, MRFC

IARFC Treasurer

IARFC Secretary
Michelle K. Blair, RFC®

Board of Directors

H. Stephen Bailey, CEBA, LUTCF, CEP, MRFC
J. Christopher Dixon, RFC®
Nicholas A. Royer, RFC®
Michelle K. Blair, RFC®
Peter J. D'Arruda, CTC, MRFC
Michael J. Markey, Jr., MRFC
James R. Moss, CEP, RFC®
Rick B. Stanzione, RFC®
Mayo M. Woodward, RFC®