Diana Cabrices,
Wealthtender Chief Evangelist

Stories That Scale: Everything Advisors Need To Grow With Testimonial Marketing
Most financial advisors have been told that storytelling is powerful, and this is true. But 'Stories That Scale' isn't just about the power of narratives; it's about putting the unparalleled influence of client stories to good use. A client's testimonial is more than just words - it's a catalyst for trust and relatability with current and future prospects. In this session, Diana Cabrices breaks down the 3 major components of testimonial marketing to help you scale your business growth — asking, assembling, and strategically promoting client stories. While navigating the regulatory landscape can be challenging, you won’t walk away from this session with overwhelm. You’ll walk away from this session with actionable insights on how you can collect and amplify client testimonials while adhering to regulatory standards.

Diana Cabrices is Chief Evangelist at Wealthtender and the founder of Diana Cabrices Consulting. Prior to introducing the industry's first-ever outsourced Chief Evangelist offering, Diana held executive roles in advisor marketing and technology, and has supported thousands of financial advisors in implementing growth strategies across some of the most fundamental areas of their businesses — marketing, branding, technology, succession planning, recruiting, and M&A. A bold businesswoman and brand-builder, Diana has traveled all over the country teaching financial advisors how to grow their businesses utilizing proven growth tactics. When she’s not taking the stage to educate her audiences with engaging and thoughtful presentations, she’s usually planning her next trip or spending time in the great outdoors in Colorado where she currently resides.   

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