Dr. Sanjay Tolani

Conversation Starters with High-Net-Worth Clientele

Understand the four categories of High-Net-Worth (HNW) individuals you should focus on, and learn how to select the most suitable conversation starters for each category.
Learn how to market and sell insurance to today's skeptical HNW affluents who may have reservations about the value of insurance.

Dr. Sanjay Tolani is an internationally recognized estate planning advisor and researcher who is known for his innovative and groundbreaking financial products for the world's affluent. His contributions to the financial services industry have earned him a reputation as a true living legend, with numerous accolades and achievements to his name.

A global citizen, Dr. Tolani holds a Ph.D. in Finance, as well as multiple degrees in banking, finance, risk management, and actuarial science. He has also earned several professional certificates, including the Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI) and the Certified Finance Professional (CFP, Canada).

Throughout his career, Dr. Tolani has held multiple sovereign and corporate directorships. His appointment also included institutional directorships which are serving supranational financial
services companies, multinational educational enterprises and faith-based and nonprofit organizations. He is also the founder of The Tolani Flow??, a revolutionary financial strategy available globally for family offices for inter-generational wealth management.
Despite his numerous accomplishments, Dr. Tolani remains committed to giving back to the community and supporting global philanthropic efforts. He is a strong believer in education and therefore has supported the Pearl Foundation in China, which sponsors underprivileged and special children for education. He continues to contribute to the Million Dollar Round Table Foundation (USA) and to the Goodwill Charitable Foundation, which constructs senior age homes and supports children for education in India.
Dr. Tolani is a true inspiration and an asset to the financial services profession. He remains dedicated to serving families and individuals while improving the lives of those around him, and his contributions will undoubtedly have a lasting impact for generations to come.

His present and past professional and personal references comprise individuals who have held these positions: CEO's of several multinational corporations, who relied on his advice to structure complex crossborder transactions and manage their personal investments. Prominent members of parliament, who sought Dr. Tolani's counsel on tax planning and compliance legislation.

The patriarch of several wealthy families have engaged Dr. Tolani to design comprehensive estate plans which ensure tax efficiency for multiple generations and protect their assets. Many successful entrepreneurs have worked closely with Dr. Tolani to develop a customized investment portfolio and implemented succession planning strategies.

Multiple startup and venture capitalist funds have turned to Dr. Tolani for guidance on equity compensation plans, fundraising strategies, and exit or succession planning.

Various diverse high net worth families, have applied Dr. Tolani's innovative solutions to customize their plans which aligned with their values and priorities.

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