Gail Goodman
Phone Teacher

Intentional Conversations

Being able to attend in-person events (whether business or social) requires specific conversational skills.  The common problem has been having friendly, but not intentional, conversations.  This rarely leads to any follow up meetings. This webinar addresses how to engage other people in conversation, so a second meeting is possible. This content also relates to how to call friends and family that have not been seen for a long time.  

Gail B. Goodman, best known as The PhoneTeacher, has been recognized as the premier appointment setting trainer for the financial services industry for over three decades. She has developed the industry standard for prospecting and scheduling appointments for advisors, managers, and trainers. Gail’s commitment to updating her materials to appropriately reflect our changing culture has helped over 80,000 salespeople. We all need to re-think how we talk to and call our prospects in the age of smartphones. If you haven’t changed what you’ve been doing in the last few years, you’re probably out-of-date. 
Gail is the author of two books, “Modern Appointment Setting: Prospecting and Phoning for Financial Professionals ” and “Setting Appointments in the Smartphone World’.  Both were written to help all financial professionals to increase their appointments with new prospects. 

Gail lives on a horse farm outside of Nashville with her husband and too many animals. 

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