U.S. Chapter Board

Each Chapter of the IARFC will have its own Board of Directors who control the direction of their chapter. The chief responsibility of the U.S. Chapter Board is to increase membership. This Chapter Board reports to the Board of Trustees through the CEO and COO.


Only Master Registered Financial Consultants (MRFC®) or Registered Financial Consultants (RFC®) who are in good standing may serve on the U.S. Chapter Board of Directors (exception: Chief Operating Officer).

Officers and Directors


President  Peter J. D’Arruda, MRFC®
Executive Vice President (to be voted on)
Vice President (to be voted on)
Treasurer (to be voted on)

Secretary (to be voted on)

Bradley K. Maples, Sr., MRFC®
James R. Moss, RFC®
Frederick C. Ostermeyer, MRFC®
Rick B. Stanzione, RFC®
Mayo M. Woodward, RFC®