Kat Moore

MRFC Certification Board Public Member

Kat Moore has a decade of hands-on experience in videography, video editing, motion graphics, graphic design, website design, and social media content creation. Based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, Kat has skillfully tackled a diverse range of projects, showcasing her blend of creativity and technical expertise. Kat's contributions have been central to producing standout visual content. From dynamic motion graphics to engaging videos, her dedication to delivering top-notch quality is evident. With her substantial experience and a portfolio to match, Kat stands out as a committed and skilled professional in the digital media industry.

A graduate of Palm Beach State College with an Associate's Degree in Video Production, Kat also holds certificates in graphic design and multimedia arts. This strong educational foundation has equipped her to craft compelling digital narratives with both innovation and clarity.


As the Public Member on the MRFC Board, she will bring a broader perspective to the decision-making actions of the MRFC Board. This helps balance the MRFC Program’s role in protecting the public while still addressing the interests of the credential holders. The role of MRFC Board’s public member is to represent the public consumer’s interest to the MRFC Board by contributing an unbiased perspective.

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