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International IARFC Directors

Continued Expansion of the RFC
The IARFC is a truly international organization, and it continues expansion across the globe. This is accomplished in two manners:

Individual Recognition of Qualified Professionals
Qualified financial professionals from any country may apply for the RFC designation. Approval is based on meeting the same standards as those in the U. S. with adjustments considering different institutions, educational courses and licensing.

National Organizations in Many Countries

As individual professionals become aware of the IARFC and our high standards of support and education, they establish a national association affiliate. Typically these persons are the most highly visible and extremely qualified financial advisors in their country. An example is Dr. Jeffrey Chiew of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Not only was he the first financial planner in his country, but his organization now has more than 50 qualified advisors. Dr. Chiew established the IARFC-Malaysia organization, developed and instructed the RFC Course, and has been appointed Asia Chair for IARFC.

We have RFC courses and programs in a growing number of countries. The typical structure is the formation of two entities: a professional association to serve the advisors, and an educational partnership or entity to offer the educational courses.

We Invite Inquires and Members from All Countries

If you are an experienced and qualified financial professional we welcome you as an RFC and to help us develop the IARFC in your country. The first step is to apply for the RFC designation using the U.S. application, and accompany that with a letter indicating your interest, and the nature of your industry connections and experience.

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