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IARFC National Financial Plan Competition - April 30, 2015  -  Learn More... call 800.532.9060

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Its All a Case of Balanc...


International Association of Registered Financial Consultants



Maybe it's time for plan B.

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Welcome:  The IARFC serves the professional advisors who help their clients wisely spend, save, invest, insure and plan for the future in order to achieve financial independence and peace of mind.

RFC® - Registered Financial Consultant is a professional designation awarded by the IARFC to  financial advisors who meet high standards of education, experience and integrity. 






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It’s All a Case of Balance

If we thought that technology was changing quickly 30 years ago, watch out for the future! more... 


Financial Plan Competition

Education and Events

National Financial Plan Competition 
The IARFC National Financial Plan Competition. Awards brings both public and industry recognition to IARFC Members and incoming young professionals.

2015 Plan Competition Sponsors

Corporate Sponsors

Individual Sponsors
Anonymous, Patrick Astre, George Atkinson, Andrew Bearre, Christopher Beneke, Jeffrey Bettermann, Bill Brice, George Brown, William Casteen, Judy Clark, James Davidson, Elisabeth Dawson, George Flack, James Flanagan, Jessica Harris, Chris Hill, Gerard Iacangelo, Rene Isuk, Norman Johnson, Darren Josephson, David King, Charles McKinney, Timothy Morgan, Susan Morrow, Chris Nelson, Yukiko Ogino-Christman, Frederick Ostermeyer, Gary Padussis, Bryan Philpott, Barbara Pietrangelo, John Repass, Bob Shlesinger, Stuart Spivak, Charles Reed Terry, Mary Jo Walker, Brenda Whitman, Kirk Barr Young, Salvatore Zimbardi

Jan Belyeu, Ahmed Edris, Frank Eberhart, David Lamorte, Fraj Lazreg, Patrick Lyman, Joseph Lolli, Robert Meints, Thomas Stark

Michelle Blair, David Howard

Jon Rogers

CE@SEA™ June 15-22, 2014               
“Re-charge” your professional battery, with the ideas and personalities while cruising the Western Caribbean CE Units: RFC® 8

Financial Planning Process™ course
How are you going to make it? Let the IARFC help you with the proper training and resources.

Find out more about the IARFC workshops which help those in financial services improve their bottom line. Current workshops focus on Marketing to Business Owners, Branding and Drip Marketing. These very informative sessions are not just academic classes, attendees receive practical tools to take home and apply. Members can earn RFC CE credits and in some cases CFP credit.
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Financial Plan Competition              
The IARFC is honored to have established the Financial Plan Competition. The competition is open to undergraduate students enrolled in a curriculum of personal financial planning or financial services.



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