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2015 CE @ SEA™ - British Isles

August 9-17, 2015
 Cruise Conference 2015 Princess Cruises, Ocean Princess


   Sailing Itinerary
   Program at a Glance

   Networking & Special Events
Important Deadline Dates
Cabin Pricing



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  2013 CE @ SEA™ Memories





Plan to join industry masters for this incredible 9 Day CE @ SEA™ conference setting sail to top sales ideas, stellar programming and endless networking opportunities. Learn from the pros, be coached by the masters, and relax with your room mate as you get the full IARFC experience. Let IARFC set up this opportunity for you. CE @ SEA™ Conference Attendee Fee - $150 USD, due upon receipt of invoice from IARFC

 Sailing Itinerary



Date Port/City Activity Arrival Departure
Sun., August 9 London (Dover), England  Embark   5:00pm 
Mon, August 10 St. Heilier, Untided Kindom  Arrive 8:00 am  3:00 pm
Tue., August 11 Milford Haven (for Wales), England 8:00 am  8:00 am  5:00 pm 
Wed., August 12 Dublin, Ireland   7:00 am 6:00 pm 
Thur., August 13 Cruising CE @ SEA™  8:00 am 12:00 pm 
Fri., August 14  Edinburgh (Rosyth), Scotland  Overnight Stay 9:00 am  
Sat., August 15 Edinburgh, Scotland      6:00 pm 
Sun., August 16 Cruising CE @ SEA™ 12:00pm  4:00 pm 
Mon., August 17 London (Dover), England Disembark  5:00 am   

Note: Program Subject to Change


 Program at a Glance

CE @ SEA™ Session 2015 (7 RFC CE Units)

The IARFC awards 7 RFC® units of CE.  But we cannot file this event with various state insurance or securities commissions.  We do not, at this time, do any advance CE filings with PACE, CFP® Board, AICPA or Bar Associations. However, we will help you back up your attendance with documentation and many sessions will qualify. Note: Program Subject to Change. 

CE Sessions schedule




 Meet & Greet Reception
Sun., August 9 TBA
 CE Program 
August 13 8:00am Opening & Material Distribution
Thur., Aug 13
8:30 - 12:25pm
CE Sessions
Sun., Aug 16
12:00 pm - 4:00pm
CE Sessions 


 CE @ SEA Highlighted Speakers


Jon M. Rogers

 CE @ SEA Presentation:

Relating to Clients with Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

EQ involves both your emotions and the emotions of others. "The thoughts of a man are like deep water, but a man of understanding draws them out."

Our goal as financial advisors is to unveil and uncover the thoughts of our clients and prospects in order to connect with them on a deeper level.




Michelle Blair




 CE @ SEA Presentation:

Managing a Financial Services Practice

The first 3 modules of the Financial Planning Process™ course show people how important the office support is as far as marketing, networking, and gaining clients. The management of a proper office environment will allow the seasoned financial professional to do what they do best, while the functionality of the office continues to make a good impression. Michelle presentation will focus on the techniques used in guiding the staff to be the providers of an outstanding office experience.




George Flack
William J. Lawrence, RFC®

 CE @ SEA Presentation:

Future of Financial Advice

The new Australian legislation effective 1 July 2013 on the "Future of Financial Advice" (known to us as FOFA), banning commissions plus other disclosures now required by Australian financial planners.

The Government's Future of Financial Advice program aims to:
strengthen investor protection and promote trust and confidence in the financial planning industry.





H. Stephen Bailey

 CE @ SEA Presentation:

Transitioning Your Practice

Family succession for a professional service is more complex and emotional than for a traditional commercial enterprise. This is especially true when the clients are evaluating the continuation of personal service, and how it will impact their own plans for retirement and estate planning. Learn how IARFC leader Steve Bailey successfully addressed the financial and emotional issues to achieve continuity and growth. From their experiences you can better address the succession issues of your own practice – and maximize clientele and cash flow growth.




John F. Peters

 CE @ SEA Presentation:

Coming Soon

How to Avoid Volatility and Not Go Backwards Over Time



Dr. Rosilyn H. Overton




 CE @ SEA Presentation:

Time Management for the Busy Planner




Ed Morrow

 CE @ SEA Presentation:

Building Your Impact Brand

A powerful brand attracts new clients and retains current customers. Small efforts and minor costs will expand your image. Which brand elements offer the biggest bang? What features can be delegated? Which brand aspects are most powerful with affluent clients, professionals and business owners? Identify those that are most appropriate for you now….and track their installation and use.





 Networking & 
 Special Events

Networking:  We have requested the first dinner in the Main Dining Room, which  will allow guests to join in on other evening activities.  All RFCs will be in one area, with seating shuffled to promote new friendships and conversational diversity.Optional Formal Dining Nights: There will be one or two formal nights. Location and Time: TBA


 Important Deadline

Cruise Cabin Deposit - $250 USD per cabin is due upon Registration
CE @ SEA™ Conference Fee - $150 USD, due upon receipt of invoice from IARFC
Final Cruise Cabin Payment - due April 30, 2015


Princess Cruiselines Ocean Princess  

Princess Cruiseline


 IARFC Travel Agent

Contact: Marsh or Leonard Passmore
Phone: 423.676.2069

Contact IARFC Cruise Director: Starr Morrow
Phone: 423.741.8224





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