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Business Owner Consulting (BOCW)

Prospect a New Market
Business owners are an underserved market that are looking for solutions to many issues. We address items such as loan cancellation plans, buy-out or succession plans, retention and incentive plans and more. We give you solutions and tools to address their needs.

Acquire All the Tools
PowerPoint presentation, fact finder, letters, agendas, checklists, forms, motivating articles, plan text and east-to-use calculation spreadsheet that motivates business owners to immediate action.  Approach local businesses using tested letters, articles, sample plans, certificates, agreements and a proven professional system fully scripted.

 Full day, 7 RFC® and CFP™ CE Credits

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Drip Marketing

Get the Appointment
Drip marketing warms up your prospect, attracts their interest in the topics presented and builds their respect for your knowledge. Gradually Drip Marketing will develop a bond with the prospect that motivates them to grant you an appointment to make a presentation.

Learn the Basics
Our workshop reviews the purpose and goals of Drip Marketing. You will learn ways to approach Drip Marketing to make it more effective, how to get started, basic setup information that applies no matter which CRM you are using, and then the practical application once you get the appointment.

Sequence Included
A sequence including 15 letters, 15 articles and 3 phone scripts targeted to business prospects is included.

 1/2 Day, 3 RFC® Credits

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Impact Branding
The competition for your clients is increasing. A strong brand projects your passion and commitment to clients and prospects. Brand loyalty is reinforced by continued efforts to positively project a favorable image. You don’t have to be a big company to promote your own brand. We help you discover what it is and how to build it.

How are you Perceived?
You will learn that first perceptions are a result of how you brand yourself. We review the cumulative cycle of branding and how it effects every aspect of client interaction from before the initial approach through your follow up service.

Step-by-Step  Checklist
Much discussion is given to a real world checklist for you to start building your own identity. This list breaks down your branding journey in manageable tasks and time.

 1/2 day, 3 RFC® CE Credits

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