Jane Baluafs, CLU

Jane Baluafs, CLU
President of The Blaufus Group Inc.



Author of the best-selling third edition of “WITH THE [STROKE] OF A PEN: Claim Your Life“, Jane Blaufus is a keynote speaker and has had the privilege of speaking across North America and internationally. She is also a frequent guest expert on national TV/Radio/ and high-impact podcasts.

Jane stands by her mantra that “We have an obligation to ourselves and to those we love to make sure we leave this world in an organized manner.”

Through her book, her speaking engagements, her writings, and her business coaching, Jane empowers people to take charge of their lives and she knows how to connect people when it matters most. She is a catalyst for courageous conversations and has started an international movement to help people to get their personal and financial lives in order before it’s too late.

Courageous conversations are some of the most difficult conversations we will ever have and they begin with ourselves first. We must identify what is important to us, then we have to articulate our thoughts and desires to those we love and then we must engage the important professionals who will help us to make sure our wishes are carried out. 

Most people find these types of conversations hard to start for they often evoke a sense of unease or uncertainty. Jane is on a mission to help financial advisors make these conversations easier for people to have and her book and comprehensive planning binder have become acclaimed as two of the most actionable, personal and financial planning resources available for families, individuals and owners alike. 

Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Jane has lived throughout Canada, is a mother to her wonderful daughter, and now lives outside of Toronto, Ontario with the two most important men in her life: her husband and her adorable labradoodle Tucker.

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