Gregory Kurinec, MRFC®

U.S. Chapter Board Secretary
(630) 505-8375

Greg applies his passion for helping others through his work. Since joining the Bentron Financial Group, Inc. in 2004, he has helped people at or near retirement through investment advising, estate planning, risk management, and watching out for their overall financial well-being. Additionally, he has educated the public through his “Go to Greg” column discussing common concerns, as well as unique circumstances, that have arisen from serving clients on the financial frontlines.

Now as a US Chapter Board Secretary, he is committed to tracking the younger generation of new professionals as RFAs to RFCs to MRFCs – an imperative goal for the growth of the Association. Resonating with this young audience contributes to the long-term intent of the Association to carry on to the next generation of financial professionals. 

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